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Item #
Organizers  Tube Organizer, 9 comp
 Tube Organizer XL, 16 comp
 4-drawer Organizer
 Multi-Task Organizer
 Microscopy Station Organizer
Storage Tray  Tray for tube racks
Glove Dispensers  For 1 box Horizontal/Vertical
 For 2 boxes Horizontal
 For 2 boxes Vertical
 For 3 boxes Vertical
 For 3 boxes Horizontal
Paper Towel Dispensers  Small Dispenser
 Large Dispenser
Glove/Towel Dispenser  Combination Glove Box And Paper Towel Dispenser 22650
Kimwipes® Dispensers  Small box Dispenser
 Large box Dispenser
Microbiology  Culture Plate Rack
 Cultture Plate Rack Cady
Cubitainer Carts  Single Cubitainer Cart
 Double Cubitainer Cart
Floor Mats  2'x 3' Black Mat
 3'x 5' Black Mat
Slide Prep  Slide Staining Rail
 Slide Drying Rack
Control Rack Control Freek Control Racks
Shield  Biohazard Shield
T-Racks  Expandable Tube Racks - NEW from UNICO
Alcohol Dispenser  Alcohol Dispenser
Tube Cubes and Carriers  Tube Cube 9 place , 8-16mm tubes ( Pack of 4)
 Tube Cube 4 place, 26-30mm tubes ( Pack of 4)
 Tube Cube 1 place,  upto 66mm ( Pack of 4)
 Tube Cube Carrier, up to 2 Cubes
 Tube Cube Carrier, up to 3Cubes
 Tube Cube Carrier, up to 4 Cubes
Phlebotomy Tray  Compact tray with 4 Tube Cubes included
Chart Holder  Wall/Door mounted Chart Holder

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